Youth Development Programme

The Youth Development Programme is designed to develop a base for Oyu Tolgoi’s talent pipeline and upskill high school students who could become future candidates for professional programmes offered by Oyu Tolgoi, and to contribute to the development of Mongolian youth.

The programme has three stages which consist of interpersonal development of participants and career counselling for high school students.

  • Stage 1: Who am I?
  • Stage 2: Teamwork
  • Stage 3: The bigger picture


  • To prepare Mongolian future leaders from high school level and to develop and support them through their tertiary education.
  • To advance leadership skills and personal development of students, their volunteerism and involvement in social issues and problems.
  • To implement the principle of ‘youth teaching to youth’.

General requirements:

  • Mongolian citizen
  • Senior year student of high school
  • Grade average of 85 or above (on a scale of 100 percent)
  • Good leadership skills and social participation
  • Domestic scholarship holders are encouraged to participate

The programme is announced every September.