Young lady strives for profession of choice

"Swan wings flapping, sounds of water and singing birds bring joy and happiness for me. What great fortune it is to have this gorgeous nature to play in for good," says Uvgunkhuu Margad. She is a sophomore student at the National University of Mongolia Biology School; a future biologist and ecologist.

Born in the nation's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, Margad was given a little kitten when she was in fifth year of school. The kitten became her "biology teacher" and made her want to learn more about biology and wildlife. As a result, she decided irrevocably to be a biologist, and has enrolled to carry out her dream at the National University of Mongolia after graduating from her joint Mongolia-India high school.

Margad said, "Biology is a science that includes everyone; we all belong to the same family despite differences in age, nationality, gender, race or religion. This profession offers me the sounds, verses and dances I like - everything I like in life - that is the reason for my choice."

She already has a long record of academic achievement. She qualified for a national university scholarship program called Intelligence - Mongolia's Wealth, sponsored by Oyu Tolgoi LLC.

At secondary school, Margad made bio-degradable plastic from milk, vegetable oil, potatoes and corn. The test results demonstrated positive outcomes after a long period of experiment. It is the first attempt of its kind to make environmentally-friendly bio-plastic to replace petroleum-based plastic, which is non-degradable, environmentally destructive, and most importantly, pollutes for 500 years.

Margad dreamed of working in biology, and is much closer to having her dream come true.