Auction tender for selling of Liebherr, Terex and Kawasaki equipment and its spare parts


Please be informed that all spare parts (328 line-items for Terex & Liebherr 361 line-items for Kawasaki) will auctioned as one set with equipment.

The related documents/ lists are attached on following link татах.

Auction tender

The price proposal will accepted between 15th of September and 29th of September, 2020. Please fill out the form from the Attachment 2 before 5 pm of 19th July, 2019 and send to the with subject “WS2490463221 Auction tender for selling of Liebherr, Terex and its spare parts”.

Auction direction

  • Auction tender will be closed at 5 pm 29th of September, 2020.
  • In the Attachment-2 the Buyer will provide purchasing price in MNT, excluding VAT.

The auction winner, contact

The winner is who proposed the best purchasing price, the winner will be informed that within 3 working days should transfer the payment of purchased spare parts + VAT to the following bank account of Oyu Tolgoi LLC ХААН БАНК account 5601001018. If within designated date not transferred the certain amount the winner will be moved to the next winner.

Анхаарах зүйлс

  • The price offer submitted after auction deadline will not be accepted.
  • First auction price does not include VAT, therefore buyer has to pay VAT in addition to offered price.
  • The owner of the asset who is conducting an auction has a right to extend the auction timeline, withdraw an action ad, or refuse to accept the price which is lower than the value of asset.
  • The assets that put under auction have certain level of depreciation, therefore the bidder needs to check the assets beforehand before making decision to participate in the auction. Also the bidder needs to make sure to prepare for the payment within the specified timeframe.
  • Auction participant needs to participate in the auction after acknowledging and accepting the terms including payment conditions.
  • The buyer will transport the asset from mine site by own vehicle and own cost.