Vocational training

We provide pre-apprenticeship and pre-employment programmes to develop the employability of Umnugovi citizens.

Pre-apprenticeship programme

The pre-apprenticeship programme focuses on secondary school graduates and adults. Participants are trained in core technical skills and knowledge as electricians, welders and mechanics, which are the most in-demand professions at Oyu Tolgoi and other mining and manufacturing companies. The graduates receive both Mongolian Vocational Certificate III and Australian Certificate II.

  • Target group: Umnugovi aimag citizens and secondary school graduates
  • Purpose: To promote local employment by preparing people for employment at Oyu Tolgoi and other mining or manufacturing companies in the region
  • Open for applications: Third quarter each year
  • Course duration: One year
  • Trade majors: Electrician, welder and mechanic

Since 2013, 269 people participated in the pre-apprenticeship programme and 85 per cent of participants work at Oyu Tolgoi.

Pre-employment programme

The pre-employment programme provides required knowledge and skills for the most in-demand positions in the labour market based on surveys. The pre-employment programme provides training in construction, mechanic, electric, welding, sewing, and operator training. More than 80 percent of programme graduates have been employed.

  • Target group: Umnugovi aimag unemployed residents
  • Purpose: Promoting local employment
  • Open for applications: Third quarter each year
  • Course duration: Three months
  • Trade majors: Based on survey gathered from residents