Third Generation Mine Rescuer

Do you know what it takes to be a mine rescuer? It is definitely not an easy task or a profession. Putting your own life in danger to save your fellow colleagues’ life is not something everyone can handle. There is more to the mine rescuer’s responsibility than saving lives. On top of securing the safety of the trapped miners, they also must ensure the safety of the mine rescue team, protect the company property from further damage caused by any disaster as well as returning the mine to a safe condition, so the operation can resume.
Introducing our brave and courageous colleague and mine rescuer Erkhembayar! Third generation miner, he was born to the family of miners. From his grandfather to his siblings, his wife, and his extended family, everyone in his family is miners and rescuers. As such, Erkhembayar decided to follow his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and become a miner. Erkhembayar works for one of our contracting companies “Sandvik” as safety officer and enlisted to the Oyu Tolgoi mine rescue team as a volunteer.
Mine Rescue Service team currently employs four full-time rescuers who manage and support 120 Mine Rescue Volunteers with a motto of “So others may live”. These volunteers are drawn from a diverse group of employees from all across the underground project including our employees and our contractor company employees. One of these rescuers is the third generation mine rescuer, M. Erkhembayar. Thanks to our employees like Erkhembayar, we can sleep at night, who inherited his family’s pride profession of a miner as well as a passion for our safety!

B.Chuluunbaatar, Erkhembayar's grandfather. Nalaikh 1970

Erkhembayar, Third Generation Mine Rescuer. Oyu Tolgoi 2016

Ch. Altansukh, Erkhembayar's uncle. Nalaikh 2000

Tsogbayan, Erkhembayar's uncle. Nalaikh 1970

Ch. Altansukh, Erkhembayar's uncle. 1993

Erkhembayar with his older brother Ekhbold. Shivee ovoo 2006