Oyu Tolgoi’s Procurement department strives to deliver more value to our operations by ensuring a secure supply of services and focusing on total cost of ownership, and development of the in-country supply chain.

Our commitment to maximising national procurement at Oyu Tolgoi serves two purposes:

  • To build and promote a localised, sustainable, quality assured supply chain within Mongolia
  • To meet our Investment Agreement commitments to develop a competitive and skilled Mongolian supplier community

These endeavors support robust Mongolian economic development, and the development of businesses which share Oyu Tolgoi’s commitment to world-class health, safety and environmental performance and management.

Oyu Tolgoi’s procurement activities are governed by transparent policies and procedures to ensure alignment with world-class procurement practices and protocols.

Procurement department
The Procurement department is the supply chain management function for Oyu Tolgoi’s operations. The department is organised into the following teams:

  • Sourcing team – responsible for procurement of goods and services above US$100,000
  • Purchasing team – responsible for purchasing goods and services below US$100,000
  • National procurement team – responsible for developing a national supply chain
  • Contract management team – responsible for contractor management and ensuring compliance with contracts
  • Inventory control team – responsible for reviewing and managing inventory levels to support ongoing operations
  • Reporting and development team – responsible for reporting and monitoring compliance and improvement across all procurement functions