Studying to realise a dream

This is N.Ulziibayar, a young man studying to become a good engineer.This is N.Ulziibayar, a young man studying to become a good engineer. This son of a herder from Umnudelger soum of Khentii aimag is studying mining electrics at the School of Technology in Darkhan-Uul aimag. Since childhood, he has been interested in machinery and equipment. After consulting his family, he knew that this was the profession for him.

Since he became a student, he has been active in many activities and competitions to help him develop and challenge himself. As a member of the school's robotics team, he took part in the 2014 ABU Robocon competition and the 15th Electronics Olympiad. Last year, he was selected as the best contributor on natural science at his school's science conference, studying the soil and atmospheric temperatures of Darkhan-Uul aimag. ABU Robocon teaches students about safely building and operating robots. It improves technical creativity and skill and teaches students to work in teams. It has become one of N.Ulzibayar's favourite competitions. Studying hard and taking part in scientific research, N.Ulzibayar is a busy student and a leader of his classmates. During the summer vacation, he attended further training.

N.Ulziibayar is part of the Oyu Tolgoi scholarship programme. Last year, he became aware of the programme and, after preparing for a whole year, successfully applied. He said, "Oyu Tolgoi scholarships are providing many opportunities including the chance to take part in an internship at Oyu Tolgoi. The scholarship has provided much needed financial support for my family. Now all I have to do is to study hard." He believes that the scholarship selection process is very fair and provides equal chances for all. "If a student maintains a general average score of at least 3.2, they will continue to receive the scholarship until graduation," he says.

In addition to studying English Ulziibayar wants to learn Chinese. He believes this will help him become a good engineer. This is because Chinese equipment has become an important part of the global electrical market. After graduation, he is planning to continue his studies while working for a mining company. In preparation, he has already visited large mines like Baganuur, Bor-Ondor, and Shivee-Ovoo. Describing the importance of his profession, he says, "all mining activities directly depend on electric machinery and equipment. Therefore, my work is at the heart of mining operations."

Knowledgeable and skilled citizens are needed for the development of any country. Investing in student scholarships means investing in education today, but also in the future of the country. Oyu Tolgoi has been providing scholarships to Mongolian students since 2010, giving them confidence and supporting their enthusiasm. N.Ulziibayar is just one great example.