Oyu Tolgoi announces Khanbogd soum citizens’ employment support programme

Khanbogd, Umnugovi – Michael Beck, Vice President of Human Resources and Training of Oyu Tolgoi LLC, and Mr. Unurbat, Chief of Administration of Khanbogd soum, announced today the launch of the Khanbogd employment support programme for local citizens.

The programme is designed to support Khanbogd’s unemployed citizens who are actively looking for a job. This includes graduates with a bachelor degree and other qualifications and any other citizens who are motivated to improve their English language skills to improve their employment opportunities. The programme will run for a period of six months from August 2011 to January 2012.

Mr. Unurbat, Chief of Administration at Khanbogd soum said “It’s my pleasure to witness the commencement of this important programme specifically designed for our citizens. This programme will allow them to compete for a better job and improve their livelihoods. Trainees should concentrate on the programme as success will depend on your commitment, dedication and hard work.”

Mr. Michael Beck commented “It is great to see many enthusiastic men and women who are willing to improve their language skills and are looking for better employment opportunities. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Dendevsamba, Governor of Khanbogd soum and his team for their generous support of this initiative and the citizens of Khanbogd soum who are actively seeking jobs.”

The Khanbogd employment support programme will include:

  • Intensive English language training
  • Mine introduction training
  • Job readiness training

* At the completion of each phase, individual trainees will be assessed.

Subject to assessment results and feedback from English language training trainees will progress to next stage of the programme.

DynEd Mongolia, a subsidiary of DynEd International Inc, has been awarded the contract to run the courses for Khanbogd employment support programme.

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