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Changes to the Oyu Tolgoi
Supplier Qualification & Management System (SQMS)

Oyu Tolgoi (OT) Procurement team is informing all suppliers that OT SQMS supplier registration process is changed for newly registering suppliers and the change is effective from Aug 8th, 2016. This change will provide you as a supplier with better business opportunities by receiving notifications of upcoming Expression of Interests from OT through new SQMS system and a strong platform for future growth and serve to attract new buying organisations from the Mining Sector across the Asia Pacific region.

There are three stages in a new supplier registration: Stage 1 which is completely free of charge and any supplier can register here; Stage 2 which may require annual fee depending on geographical locations of your company, number of products you offer to supply and your company’s annual spend with OT; and Stage 3 is an on-site audit to assess the effectiveness and robustness of your supplying capability and a decision to conduct an audit on selected supplier is solely on OT’s discretion.

To roll out this new registration process, OT is working with Achilles, a worldwide supplier management vendor which is successfully operating 35 communities in 11 sectors around the world.

Following explains more about three stages:

  • Stage 1: This basic registration process is completely free of charge and it captures essential company information, as well as information on the products and services your organisation is able to supply to OT. It also serves to determine whether your organisation is required to provide additional input via Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: This represents a more detailed registration process for some suppliers and captures information related to key business aspects such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Health, Safety and Environment, Quality and Material Compliance, as well as legal and financial. Stage 2 is designed for suppliers with current contract or invitation to future tender and opportunities with OT and will be subject to a chargeable (annual) subscription fee, which will be based on the geographical locations of your company, number of products you offer to supply and your company’s annual spend with OT.
  • Stage 3: An on-site Audit that serves to assess the effectiveness and robustness of a supplier’s management systems – audits for international suppliers are carried out by Achilles, which may be subject to additional costs based on the type of audit required, the size of the organisation and its geographical location; audits for in-country suppliers will be carried out by Oyu Tolgoi at no charge to the supplier.

Annual Subscription Fee


National Suppliers

International Suppliers

Stage 1 – OT SQMS Registration


Stage 2 – Mining APAC

1-5 Product Codes (Basic)*
*applicable for some qualifying National companies



1-5 Product Codes



6-10 Product Codes



11-25 Product Codes



25+ Product Codes



*Some qualifying national suppliers will have discounted subscription fee

If you have further questions please feel free to contact Oyu Tolgoi procurement: Tel: +(976) - (11) - 331880, Ext: 8888, 8384, 6000

Oyu Tolgoi Master Supplier Database

The Oyu Tolgoi Master Supplier Database is open to anyone who wishes to register themselves as a supplier. We use the database to compile lists of potential suppliers when we conduct tenders and to undertake research for our upcoming procurement needs. Registration is easy and involves answering about 20 basic questions covering contact details and the products and services that the potential suppliers offer.

Registered suppliers can access the database at any time to update their data whenever needed. Keeping contact details updated is important for both Oyu Tolgoi and the suppliers.

Suppliers in Master Supplier Database (By Q4 2015)
There are five categories of suppliers registered on the database. These include two categories of businesses which are majority owned by Mongolians: national and South Gobi suppliers. The other categories are: Tier 1 international - suppliers with a Mongolian workforce greater than 75% and generating added value in Mongolia, Tier 2 international - suppliers that are registered and pay taxes in Mongolia, and Tier 3 international – other international suppliers.