EOI - Expression of interest

It is important to understand the difference between EOI and Tender. It is common that suppliers get confused about these two procurement terms.

Expression of Interest: An EOI is only preliminary step to formal tender process to understand and identify whether there are potential suppliers in the market that are interested in and capable of satisfying the needs of the business.

Tender: Tender activity takes place after EOI is completed. Based on suppliers' submitted materials for EOI participation. Oyu Tolgoi Procurement team shortlists the number of EOI responses and build a Bidders List. Then these shortlisted suppliers receive tender invites through Ariba system.


It has come to the attention of Oyu Tolgoi LLC that other websites are posting Oyu Tolgoi tenders and requiring payment for the tender documents. These websites are not authorized by Oyu Tolgoi. Oyu Tolgoi tender documents and information are only provided on the Oyu Tolgoi LLC website and Oyu Tolgoi does not charge a fee for tender documents, or authorize a third party to do so. You are advised not to pay, and report any such activity to Oyu Tolgoi at procurement@ot.mn.

Expression of Interest - "Made In Mongolia"

“With an aim of building a safe and competitive in-country supply chain, Oyu Tolgoi is executing dedicated “Made in Mongolia” strategy by enabling in country capability to supply products and services that are Made in Mongolia. The purpose of dedicated “Made in Mongolia” EOI is to identify potential existing and future manufacturers in the market with aim of working to enable in country capability that meets our needs and requirements.

It does not constitute any promise, commitment, undertaking or guarantee to purchase any products or services and Oyu Tolgoi shall not be responsible for any costs that participants may incur in expressing their interests.

Made in Mongolia Expression of Interest list will be updated as needed.


Area Name Publish date
Area Number Name Publish date Close date Status
Area Number Name Close date Status
Operations WS2748963697 Supply of Miscellaneous steelwork design & fabrication work Under evaluation
Operations WS2724200645 Supply of Victaulic Pipe Joining Consumables Under evaluation
Operations WS2719419265 Supply of Genset Maintenance Service Under evaluation
Operations WS2723967949 Supply of Offsite Rebuild Service for Gearbox Under evaluation
Operations WS2713593246 Equipment Rental Services for TSF Cell 2 Foundation Under evaluation
Operations WS2708875778 Labor Supply of HME Operators for Tailings Construction Under evaluation
Operations WS2705144137 Supply of Categorized Construction and Metal fabrication Services Under evaluation
Operations WS2703421369 Consulting Service of Central Heating Plant Overhaul Maintenance SOW Development and review with the Thermo-Technical test work Under evaluation
Operations WS2700443282 Supply of Laboratory equipment for Geotechnical laboratory Under evaluation
Operations WS2698960607 Supply of Fueling and Lubing equipment maintenance service Under evaluation
Operations WS2673349867 Supply of Air Compressor and Associated Spare Part Under evaluation
Underground WS2667868538 Supply of Ground Support Cutting Tool Under evaluation
Operations WS2685681351 Supply of Safety Uniforms Under evaluation
Operations WS2673679513 Supply of Secondary Blasting Products Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS2673208359 Supply of “MADE IN MONGOLIA” Disposable P2 Dust Mask Under evaluation
Operations WS2610476451 Supply of Manicure and Beauty Salon Service Under evaluation
Operations WS2652211523 Supply of concrete and shotcrete Under evaluation
Operations WS2624784063 Supply of Blasting Accessories Under evaluation
Operations WS2598170073 Supply of entertainment and event management service Under evaluation
Operations WS2601446109 Sodium Chlorite no longer used for sale Under evaluation
Operations WS2490463221 Auction tender for selling of Liebherr, Terex and Kawasaki equipment and its spare parts Under evaluation
Operations WS2595570694 Supply of Leasing Service of Office Space Under evaluation
Operations WS2538133891 Supply of Mine Surveying Services for OT Surface Mining Activities Under evaluation
Operations WS2584872484 Supply of HSEC and High Risk training service Under evaluation
Operations WS2360521185 Auction Incinerator sale Under evaluation
Operations WS2562189737 Tailings Cell 2 Supporting infrastructure – Feasibility study Under evaluation
Operations WS2551930984 Auction of Tire Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS2567300736 SUPPLY OF “MADE IN MONGOLIA” PAINTS Under evaluation
Operations WS2554091004 Supply of Wooden Timbers Under evaluation
Operations WS2552069218 Supply of SAG Mill Reline Machine maintenance service and supply of equipment spare parts Under evaluation
Operations WS2518223626 Supply of Steel Structure coating service and supply associated materials Under evaluation
Operations WS1638755764 Supply of MRO supplies and consumables Under evaluation
Operations WS2510223458 Supply of Psychometric test Under evaluation
Operations WS2538083473 Supply of MRO Industrial supplies and consumables Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS2409269685 Supply of Fabric – Concentrator Bulk Bag “MADE IN MONGOLIA” Under evaluation
Operations WS2518239457 Supply of Defensive driving training service Under evaluation
Operations OT20072020 Supply of Dust foam chemicals Under evaluation
Operations WS2519808340 Supply of Occupational Hygiene sample laboratory analysis Under evaluation
Operations WS2486466920 Supply of Inbound Centralized Logistics Service Under evaluation
Operations WS20200708 Supply of Analytical and Sampling equipment Under evaluation
Operations WS2440996034 Supply of Shuttle bus rental service Under evaluation
Operations WS2468335322 Supply of Coating service for floatation rougher cells Under evaluation
Operations WS2483763478 Daily media monitoring service Under evaluation
Operations WS2470748830 Supply of Fasteners Under evaluation
Operations WS2478060215 Supply of 1EA truck with rod handling set. Under evaluation
Operations WS2477840143 “Supply of Coal Crusher for Oyu Tolgoi CHP operation and relevant technical support” Under evaluation
Operations WS2463842204 Supply of Operation and Maintenance of Site-Wide Air Compressors Under evaluation
Operations WS2456013610 Supply of Steel Under evaluation
Operations WS2458123386 Supply of Oyu Tolgoi Essentials Training Under evaluation
Operations WS2393177354 Camp Inventory auction (3) Under evaluation
Operations WS2360521185 Auction for Incinerator Under evaluation
Operations WS2434155692 Supply of Work-readiness program Under evaluation
Operations WS2427439410 Supply of Oil & Fuel analysis service Under evaluation
Operations WS2427849275 Supply of Various Chemicals for Infrastructure Department Under evaluation
Operations WS2421517589 Supply of Assay Services for Copper Concentrate Samples Returned from Customers/Smelters Under evaluation
Operations 6000784928 Supply of Engine repair and rebuild services of the Light vehicle and Medium mobile equipment Under evaluation
Operations WS2417770897 Supply of Small And Mid-Size and Auxiliary Mobile Equipment Spare Parts – Phase 3 Under evaluation
Operations WS2413029801 Supply of “Geotechnical Service On-call basis” Under evaluation
Operations WS2412974407 Supply of “Geodetic Service On-call basis” Under evaluation
Operations WS2403848455 Supply of Outbound Transportation Service Under evaluation
Operations WS2398662192 Supply of Filters for Mobile Equipment Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS2389675930 Supply of “Made In Mongolia” Industrial Rubber Products Under evaluation
Operations WS2355590249 Supply of geological consulting service for OT exploration activities Under evaluation
Operations WS2355974042 Supply of Blast hole sampling, Logging and Face mapping services Under evaluation
Operations WS2356062567 Supply of Dust suppression system and associated goods/services Under evaluation
Operations WS2358110416 Supply of Industrial Gases Under evaluation
Operations 6100732316 Supply of vehicle seat cover Under evaluation
Operations 6000777752 Supply of Licensed Boat Driver Service Under evaluation
Operations WS2340578878 Camp Inventory auction Under evaluation
Operations WS2336146084 “Upgrading underground pipeline for heating, domestic hot and cold water, and fire water in Oyut camp, Khanbogd, Umnugovi” Under evaluation
Operations WS2339815191 Supply of Electrical and Instrumentation consumables Under evaluation
Operations WS2333672385 Supply of Old Rags Under evaluation
Underground CW2144482 Supply of Ventilation Riser Cans & Development Ore Pass Hardox 450 Cans” Under evaluation
Operations WS2303722484 Supply of Insurance Fronting service Under evaluation
Operations WS2307783502 Repair Service for HME Radiator and Coolers Under evaluation
Operations WS2269876072 Auction tender for selling of drill pipe 60” Under evaluation
Operations WS2303246684 Auction - Container spreader Under evaluation
Operations WS2298710398 Supply of Trommel screen panel for SAG mill Under evaluation
Operations WS2272197365 Construction of 18.6 km road from Tasgaan Khad to Gashuun Sukhait Border Cross in Khanbogd Soum, Umnugovi aimag Under evaluation
Operations WS2258882804 Supply of Technical inspection service for third party equipment Under evaluation
Operations WS2256352715 Supply of Specific Oils Under evaluation
Operations WS2255983036 Supply of Tire repair materials and tools Under evaluation
Operations WS2244352325 Supply of pump and its spare parts Under evaluation
Operations WS2231584380 Supply of Payroll outsourcing service Under evaluation
Underground CW2142731 Supply of Tracking Devices Under evaluation
Operations WS1968765954 Бохир соруулагч машин зарах дуудлага худалдааны зар Under evaluation
Operations WS2226405568 Supply of Office Consumables to OT Site Under evaluation
Operations WS2218668753 Supply of IT Manpower Support for Surface and Underground Operations Under evaluation
Operations WS2204418176 Supply of Conducting the Red Clay Exploration Work, Resource Report and Feasibility Studies Under evaluation
Operations WS2209717628 Supply of Waste Management Service Under evaluation
Operations WS2196199938 Supply of “Trades Qualification Training” service Under evaluation
Operations WS2195749540 Supply of GASI license training Under evaluation
Operations WS2193973173 Supply of Printed booklets and checklists Under evaluation
Underground CW2141631 Supply of Chemical Dust Suppression Under evaluation
Operations WS2170866295 Supply of Rubber lining and Epoxy Coating service for flotation Rougher cells Under evaluation
Operations WS2150523819 Supply of survey monument for TSF embankment Under evaluation
Operations WS2127134110 Supply of User-Pay Restaurant Service Under evaluation
Underground CW2141205 Supply of HDPE Compression fittings, Plasson fittings and Safety Couplings Under evaluation
Operations WS2091236609 Sale auction Under evaluation
Operations WS2135381899 Supply of LME and MEDIUM Tyre maintenance service Under evaluation
Operations WS211001454 Supply of Collision Avoidance System for OT Surface Operation and Rio Tinto Iron Ore Under evaluation
Operations 6000756943 Amendment DEIA GH groundwater resource Under evaluation
Operations WS2106274516 Labor Supply for Critical Mining Equipment Shutdown Services Under evaluation
Operations WS2094180091 Borrow Pit Rehabilitation in Khanbogd Soum, Umnugovi aimag Under evaluation
Operations WS2091032564 Tire sale auction Under evaluation
Operations WS209114260 Tire press Sale auction Under evaluation
Operations WS2101487782 Supply of “Land Rehabilitation and Operation of Native Plant Propagation Center at Khanbogd soum” Under evaluation
Operations WS2091184588 Supply of Offsite repair of Electric motor Under evaluation
Operations WS2060327919 Operating Vacuum Truck for Cleaning Under evaluation
Operations 6000750941 Supply of carpentry service Under evaluation
Operations WS2083157030 Auction tender announcement of Used Concrete mixer Under evaluation
Operations WS2034882675 Auction tender announcement of OT Camp inventories Under evaluation
Operations WS2060389172 Supply of Concentrator pipes and fittings Under evaluation
Operations WS2060348270 Repair Services for Concentrator Pipes and Conveyor Pulleys Under evaluation
Operations WS2020173814 2 km Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation at Oyu Tolgoi Mine Site Under evaluation
Operations WS2020189871 Supply of GNSS System for Tailings Storage Facility Dozers Under evaluation
Operations WS2024355444 Supply of drilling service Under evaluation
Operations WS2021786262 Supply of Quick Lime Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS2011167749 Supply of “MADE IN MONGOLIA” Fire extinguishers, spare parts and maintenance service Under evaluation
Operations WS1996795609 Auction tender announcement of MOHAWK Mobile column lift equipment Under evaluation
Operations WS1976896095 Service for updating Master Plan of Khanbogd Soum, Umnugovi aimag Under evaluation
Operations WS1996421014 Auction tender announcement of Jack stands for vehicles Under evaluation
Operations WS1987577750 Manpower supporting service for Camp electrical service and Kitchen equipment service Under evaluation
Operations WS1987634490 Provide Manpower Support for Mechanical Maintenance group Under evaluation
Operations WS1979701969 Supply of automotive batteries Under evaluation
Underground CW2138086 Provision of Oyu Tolgoi Linux SOE Deployment in Oyu Tolgoi Under evaluation
Operations WS1967004957 Supply of power generator maintenance service Under evaluation
Operations WS1926028414 SUPPLY OF Mid-size and auxiliary mobile equipment spare parts Under evaluation
Operations WS1760381786 Supply of Hand tools and office consumables Under evaluation
Operations WS1883416862 Auction tender for selling of Mini-roller equipment Under evaluation
Operations 1936069966 Auction Tender for Selling of Camp Inventory Items Under evaluation
Operations WS1926028414 Supply of Atlas Copco Air Compressor Spare Parts Under evaluation
Operations WS1921599115 Supply of Biodiversity Offset – Anti-Poaching Program Under evaluation
Operations WS1923851235 Supply of Rockwell Automation Control System Parts and Supporting Professional Services Under evaluation
Operations WS1919570789 Supply of Engine Coolant Under evaluation
Operations WS1846893225 Supply of Design Author Service for Transformers Fire Prevention System Under evaluation
Operations 6000738271 Supply of Venue Hire Services Under evaluation
Operations 6000738255 Supply of Printing Services Under evaluation
Operations 6000738214 Supply of Packed Milk for Oyu Tolgoi LLC Ulaanbaatar Offices Under evaluation
Operations WS1897584586 Supply of Core Biodiversity Monitoring Program Under evaluation
Operations WS1887391058 Supply of Operation and Maintenance Service of HVAC Facilities and Associated Supply of Spare Parts Under evaluation
Operations WS1883292595 Supply of Karaoke Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1792100977 Supply of Thermal Coal and Transport Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1837014812 Supply of Mid-size Trucks Under evaluation
Operations WS1843292844 Supply of Apartment Lease Service for OT Under evaluation
Operations WS1836704672 Supply of Conveyor CVB011 Accuracy Belt Scale Purchase and Installation Commissioning Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1824899279 Supply of Metallurgical Test-work Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1817019465 Supply of Office Stationery with On-site Delivery Under evaluation
Operations WS1815457596 Supply of Manpower Support for 220/35kV Grid Maintenance and Construction Under evaluation
Operations WS1807774335 Supply of Liner Handler Machine Spare Parts Under evaluation
Operations WS1802602238 Auction for rigging wire ropes and slings of crane equipment Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1807811309 Supply of Made in Mongolia Winter boots Under evaluation
Operations WS1789713802 Supply of Information Platform Under evaluation
Underground CW2135037 Supply of ISE-SGT Deployment in Underground, Oyu Tolgoi Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1429320995 Supply of “Made In Mongolia” Welding Rods Under evaluation
Operations WS1777707694 Supply of Geology Laboratory Services Under evaluation
Operations WS1773067047 Selling of Spare Parts for Kawasaki 115ZV Wheel Loader Under evaluation
Operations WS1773073858 Selling of Spare Parts for Atlas Copco Drill ECM660 Under evaluation
Operations WS1768366225 Supply of Building Structure Corrosion Coating Under evaluation
Underground CW2130671 Supply of Extraction Level / Haulage Level (EL/HL) CONSTRUCTION Under evaluation
Operations WS1765376527 Supply of Dust Control Reagents Under evaluation
Operations WS1481733380 Supply of Scaffolding Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1704224981 Supply of Personal Protection Equipment and Safety Consumables Under evaluation
Operations WS1733718722 Supply of Geotechnical and Mining professionals’ capability development at MUST Under evaluation
Operations 6000718310 Supply of On-Call Translation Service (Individuals only) Under evaluation
Operations WS1733506031 Supply of Legal Services Under evaluation
Operations WS1711267069 Supply of Oyu Tolgoi Experience Centre Service Under evaluation
Operations WS1724701525 Supply of Gardening and Landscaping Service in Oyu Tolgoi Mining Site, Mongolia Under evaluation
Operations WS1678243553 Supply of Ground Handling Operation and Management Service at Khanbumbat Airport Under evaluation
Operations WS1720941964 Supply of Design Engineering Service for Construction and Facilities Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1427185883 Supply of Made in Mongolia Casted Steel Liners Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1664931170 Supply of “Made in Mongolia” Hose Protection sleeves Under evaluation
Operations 6000698456 Supply of Oyu Tolgoi Branded Corporate Merchandise Under evaluation
Underground CW2130144 Supply of Footprint Work Management Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1570960264 Supply of Made in Mongolia Various Filters Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1564662142 Supply of Made in Mongolia Plastic Products Phase 2 Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1557606920 Supply of Metal Fabrication and Welding Service in Khanbogd Under evaluation
Operations auction Under evaluation
Operations 6000691276 Supply of Mongolian Language Training Under evaluation
Operations WS15114211453 Supply of Goods and Services for CCTV Expansion in OT Site Under evaluation
Operations 6000686100 Supply of On-Call Translation Services Under evaluation
Operations 6000686143 Supply of Occupational Hygiene Laboratory Analyses Under evaluation
Operations 6000677707 Supply of Mongolia Orientation Course Under evaluation
Underground CW2126342 WORKING CONDITION ASSESSMENT SERVICES Under evaluation
Operations 6000674486 Supply of Electric Supplies and Appliances Under evaluation
Operations 6000674488 Supply of Industrial Items Under evaluation
Underground CW2100040 Supply of Draw Point Steel Sets Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1427185883 Supply of "Made in Mongolia" Casted Steel Parts Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia WS1359573943 Supply of “Made In Mongolia” Electric Products Under evaluation
Operations 6000617796 Improvement of Business Project Portfolio Management tool Under evaluation
Made in Mongolia CW2117677 Supply of Made In Mongolia “Resin Capsule for Ground Support” Under evaluation
Underground CW2110250 Underground Construction Support Services Under evaluation
Operations 6000606383 Supply of ISUZU truck parts Under evaluation
Underground CW2113803/T Scaffolding services Under evaluation
Underground CW2099469 Supply of provision of structural steel and mechanical fabrication services Under evaluation
Underground CW2099877/T Waste Management and Facility Maintenance Services Under evaluation
Area Number Name Status Supplier tier
Operations WS2717455285 Labor Supply for Critical Mining Equipment Shutdown Services Awarded National
Operations WS2024355444A Supply of Geo-technical monitoring instruments Canceled National
Operations WS1883320159 Supply of Khuushuur House Service Canceled National
Operations WS1875118348 Supply of Hotel Accommodation Service Awarded National
Operations WS1829239069 Supply of Support Service for Bagging Plant Operation Awarded Southgovi
Operations 6000731951 Supply of IT Related Goods Awarded National
Made in Mongolia WS1730666442 Supply of Made in Mongolia First Aid Kit Awarded National
Operations 6000715783 Supply of Saxaul Plantation Awarded National
Operations WS1701203136 Supply of Mid-size and Auxiliary Mobile Equipment Spare Parts Awarded National
Operations WS1632149160 Supply of Flotation Frothier Reagents Canceled National
Operations WS1688517208 Supply of Coffee House Service Canceled National
Operations WS1669898589 Supply of Fire Alarm System Installation and Instrumentation Service Canceled National
Operations WS1669872788 Supply of Categorized Construction Service Awarded National
Operations 6000708769 Supply of Coaching and Required Soft Skill Development Program Awarded National
Operations WS1638755764 Supply of MRO Supplies and Consumables Awarded National
Operations WS1579257042 Supply of Inbound Centralized Logistics Service Canceled National
Operations WS1638883115 Supply of Flight Information Dashboard System Awarded National
Operations WS1632149160 Supply of Flotation Collector Reagents Awarded National
Operations WS1623046351 Supply of Annual Mine Planning and Reporting services Awarded National
Underground CW2116066 Supply of Onsite and Supervisory Service of Polyurethane Injectable Resin Pump Operators Awarded National
Operations WS1481733380 Supply of Rental of Scaffolding Service for Construction Awarded National
Operations WS1600523972 Supply of Mid-size Mobile Equipment Spare Parts Awarded National
Operations WS1563401014 Supply of Local Herders` Business Development Service Awarded Southgovi
Operations WS1591178704 Supply of Light Vehicle Spare Parts Awarded National
Operations WS1589513993 Supply of Operation and Maintenance Services of Waste Water Treatment Facilities at Oyu Tolgoi Mine Site Awarded National
Operations WS1587787134 Supply of Freight Forwarding Service Awarded Southgovi
Operations WS1576103349 Supply of Conversion and Translation Service for Feasibility Study, and Prepare in Mineral Council Discussion of Oyu Tolgoi copper, gold mining Awarded National
Operations WS1564910875 Supply of Virtual Reality Technology for the Safety Training Awarded National
Made in Mongolia WS1538996118 Supply of Made in Mongolia Disposable Food Tray Canceled National
Operations WS1539053900 Supply of Skill Assessment Service Canceled National
Operations WS1535805398 Supply of Concentrator to Market Optimization Software Canceled National
Operations WS1429215719 Supply of Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Design Approval and TSF Design Author Inspection Awarded National
Operations WS1507788495 Supply of Tyre Protection Chain Awarded National
Operations WS1501611824 Supply of Mid-size Equipment Engine Rebuild Service Awarded National
Operations WS1492429191 Supply of Supermarket service, Pizza shop, Barber shop, Tailor shop at mine-site Awarded Southgovi
Operations WS1445562393 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Service at Khanbumbat Airport Awarded National
Operations 6000674489 Supply of Light and Medium Size Equipment Parts Awarded National
Operations 6000674485 Supply of Household Chemical Goods (MSDS required) Awarded National
Operations 6000674487 Supply of Plumbing and Fitting Awarded National
Operations 6000674490 Supply of Tools and Office Items Awarded National
Operations 6000673469 Supply of Environmental Audit Awarded National
Made in Mongolia WS1419869291 Supply of "Made in Mongolia" Fasteners Canceled National
Operations WS1430365090 Supply of Airport Self Check-In System and Services Canceled National
Made in Mongolia WS1429338674 Supply of "Made in Mongolia" Disposable Coverall Awarded Southgovi
Operations WS1414545669 SUPPLY OF REMOVABLE FLOOR PANEL Awarded National
Operations WS1313939295 Supply of General MRO and Consumables Awarded National
Operations WS1389534871 Supply of Heavy Duty Jacks Awarded National
Operations WS1388415073 Supply of Entertainment and Event Management Service Awarded National
Operations WS1379601269 Supply of Operation & Maintenance Service of Water Facility Awarded National
Operations WS1379342560 Supply of Operation and Maintenance Service for High Voltage Electrical Facilities Awarded National
Operations WS1379311465 Supply of Operation and Maintenance of Heating Facilities Awarded National
Operations WS1369791052 Auction - Truck Tyres Awarded National
Operations 6000658343 Supply of Electric Supplies and Appliances Awarded National
Operations 6000658346 Supply of DIXON VALVE AND COUPLING Items Awarded National
Operations 6000658342 Supply of HOTSY Systems Pressure Washer Parts Awarded National
Operations 6000658341 Supply of Industrial supplies Awarded National
Operations WS1370982679 Supply of Industrial Equipment Tyres Awarded National
Operations 6000658339 Supply of KUBOTA Items Awarded National
Operations 6000658338 Supply of Light and Medium Size Equipment Parts Awarded National
Operations 6000658336 Supply of Tools and Measuring Instruments Awarded National
Underground CW2119864 Underground Waste and Hygiene Management Services Awarded National
Operations WS1362741434 Supply of Domestic Travel and Accommodation Management Software Canceled National
Operations WS1364015473 Supply of Experience Venue Rental Service in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Canceled National
Operations WS1313720473 Supply of Aerial Wildlife Census Service Awarded National
Operations WS1326204346 Supply of Providing Technical Support on Anti-poaching Offset project service Canceled National
Operations WS1335040658 SUPPLY OF MINI MARKET SERVICE Awarded Southgovi
Operations Marine Cargo Insurance Awarded National
Operations WS1301664602 Supply of Labor Hire Service Awarded National
Operations WS1292864618 Supply of Pebble Crusher Dust Scrubber Body Awarded National
Operations WS1282769481 Equipment sale Auction Awarded National
Operations WS1252835025 Supply of National Fleet GPS Service Awarded National
Operations WS1265119395 Permanent Power supply to the Khanbumbat Airport Awarded National
Operations WS1208836353 Auction Awarded National
Operations WS1112451681 Auction Awarded National
Operations WS1255254522 Supply of Tyre Services for HME, Medium and UG Tyre Services Awarded National
Operations WS1252663655 Liner Auction Canceled National
Underground CW2120905 Supply of Fire Suppression System for Heavy Mobile Equipment Awarded National
Operations WS1243350476 Supply of Kitchen wares Awarded National
Made in Mongolia WS1243417583 Supply Of “Made In Mongolia Cut-Resistance Safety Gloves” Awarded National
Operations 6000626551 Supply of Perkins engine parts Awarded National
Operations 6000626549 Supply of FG Wilson parts Awarded National
Underground CW2120152 High Risk Training Service Awarded National
Operations WS1232008253 Supply of International Freight Forwarding Service Awarded National
Operations WS1233285099 Auction Awarded National
Operations 6000625235 Supply of Jofemar vending machine for PPE Awarded National
Operations WS1231982718 Supply of International Air ticketing Service Awarded National
Underground CW2117872 Supply of Electrical Brackets and Hangers Awarded National
Operations WS1219770819 Supply of Labor Safety and Hygiene Legislation Training Program Awarded National
Operations WS1112451681 Office building auction Awarded National
Operations WS1218867059 Supply of Chemical Warehouse Rental Awarded National
Operations WS1216143586 Supply of On-call Based Engineering Service Awarded National
Operations WS1213108164 Supply of Emergency Reporting System Development Awarded National
Operations WS1208836353 Экскаватор, экскаваторын сэлбэг болон дугуй задлах төхөөрөмжийн дуудлага худалдааны тухай Awarded National
Operations WS1112451681 Оффисын байр зарах үйл ажиллагаанд хамтран ажиллах тухай Awarded National
Operations WS1199312084 Supply of Water Bacteriological Analysis service Canceled National
Operations 6000617200 Conducting Safety Inspection on Apartments Awarded National
Operations 6000614985 Supply of BRAY Valves Awarded National
Operations 6000614967 Supply of ROSEMOUNT Measuring Instruments Awarded National
Operations 6000614966 Supply of WIKA Measuring Instruments Awarded National
Operations WS1184989124 Supply of Outbound Transportation Service for Khanbogd, Manlai and Bayan Ovoo soums of Umnugovi Aimag Canceled National
Made in Mongolia WS1162135144 Supply of Made In Mongolia “Plastic Products” Awarded National
Operations SS20171201 Third Party Capacity Building Service Provider Awarded National
Operations WS1159571957 Supply & Associated Services for Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings Awarded National
Operations WS1112451681 Оффисийн байр зарах тухай Awarded National
Underground CW2101965 Supply of HDPE Pipes Awarded International
Operations 6000608142 Improvement of Business Project Portfolio Management tool Awarded National
Operations WS1036746378 Supply of Overhaul Engines Back to Manufactures specification Canceled National
Operations WS1154230397 Phase 2.3 Improvement of OT Drive Software Canceled National
Underground CW2111530 Supply of Low Voltage Cables Awarded National
Operations WS986308939 Supply of Pallets for Bagged Concentrate Awarded National
Operations WS1141760070 Supply of 3D Scanning/Surveying for Creation of Engineering Drawings Awarded National
Operations WS1159553304 Supply of Safety PPE Items Awarded National
Operations WS1141817272 Supply of Fire Extinguisher and Maintenance Service Awarded Southgovi
Operations WS1124231894 Supply of Site-Wide Overhead/Automatic Door Maintenance Service Awarded National
Operations WS1124142608 Supply of Infrastructure Millwright Support and Automatic Storage Equipment Service Awarded National
Operations WS1124117703 Supply of Operation and Maintenance of Site-Wide air compressor, air dryer and air receiver Awarded National
Operations WS1133852313 Supply of technicians for Light vehicle and equipment maintenance Awarded National
Operations WS1130669634 Supply of Sag Mill Discharge Chute Awarded International
Operations WS1119309134 Supply of Safety Uniforms Awarded Southgovi
Made in Mongolia WS1157474210 Supply of Made in Mongolia Concentrator Bulk Bag Awarded Southgovi
Made in Mongolia WS1281481508 Supply of Made in Mongolia Welding and Electrician uniform Awarded National
Made in Mongolia WS1282859315 Supply of Made In Mongolia BAMA Socks for Gumboots Awarded Southgovi
Made in Mongolia WS1430516021 Supply of "Made in Mongolia" Disposable Dust Mask Awarded National


Area Name Publish date
Area Number Name Publish date Close date Status Action
Area Number Name Close date Status
Area Number Name Status Supplier tier