Policies and Procedures

Oyu Tolgoi’s Procurement department follows strict policies and procedures that govern the way we operate and engage with the market and our supplier partners. Through the consistent application of these processes, and the adoption of standardised templates and commercial and legal terms, we strive to operate fairly and transparently.

Our suppliers are asked to agree to these terms and conditions, policies and procedures whenever they do business with us.

We use a competitive testing approach in our procurement process. This facilitates the development of competitive national suppliers, the promotion of supplier diversification, an equitable spread of wealth across Mongolia, and the development of a competitive Mongolian supply chain.

In the interests of fairness and open competition, we apply the same evaluation and selection process to all prospective suppliers. We expect all of our suppliers to:

  1. Be aligned with our business objectives of:
    1. Achieving zero injuries and zero fatalities in the workplace
    2. Enhancing value
    3. Increasing operating efficiency
    4. Reducing and eliminating waste
    5. Reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers
  2. Be financially secure
  3. Have competent personnel to deliver the goods and services supplied
  4. Maintain appropriate HSE and quality assurance systems and processes
  5. Agree to supply on the basis of Oyu Tolgoi’s terms and conditions
  6. Maintain policies that support fair competition and integrity, require adherence to applicable laws, standards and regulations, and prohibit giving or receiving bribes, with a process in place to ensure compliance
We value suppliers who match our commitment to developing a sustainable supply chain with a focus on safety, economic prosperity, social well-being, environmental stewardship, and strong governance.