Participatory Environmental Monitoring Programme

Mining companies are required to carry out comprehensive monitoring programmes in accordance with relevant local laws. Often, they will also undertake an environmental impact assessment, conducted by a competent and independent authority. We commenced our comprehensive environmental monitoring programme in 2003. Since 2010, the company has expanded its monitoring to include a participatory element. This means involving local people in the activity to ensure that the monitoring processes and outcomes are open and transparent to the community. The programme allows local people to volunteer to take part, providing local citizens and herders with the opportunity to be part of the process of managing environmental issues.

The key approaches of the programme are:

  • Employment of a comparative analysis methodology
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and local communities on a voluntary basis
  • No material cost to the stakeholders and local communities
  • Selection of herders for the programme and resolution of disagreements through consultation with local authorities and representatives of the local community

Under the programme, the following areas of participatory monitoring are taking place:

  • Participatory water level measurement programme
  • Student-based water monitoring project
  • Participatory wildlife monitoring and census programme
  • Participatory dust monitoring
  • Participatory rangeland monitoring and elm tree photo observation

As of 2015, 74 herders from Khanbogd soum and seven primary schools in four soums are taking part in these projects.