Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities

We are guided by our Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities, collectively called Our Vision, Our Future.

Our vision, ‘Natural wealth to enduring value, knowledge, and skill,’ expresses what we aspire to as a company. We look to turn natural wealth into value for our shareholders and stakeholders, from improved profits and returns, through to the long-term economic and social contributions we make to Mongolia and its people. And along the way, we develop knowledge and skill that will grow and endure.

Our mission, ‘Together deliver a safe and globally competitive copper business that contributes to the prosperity of Mongolia,’ is our long-term goal. We place safety as our top priority, as there is nothing more important to the company than every member of our workforce going home safely every day. As a global copper business, we need to be a globally competitive operation that brings value and contributes to the socio-economic development of Mongolia.

The success of our business is underpinned by doing things the right way. The way we work, our global code of business conduct, applies to everything we do, wherever we are in the world.

Doing things the right way means remaining focused on our values of safety, teamwork, respect, integrity, and excellence.Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a business.

Our values are:

Safetycaring for human life above everything else
We make the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and communities our number one goal. Always. Safely looking after the environment is an essential part of our care for future generations.

Teamworkcollaborating for success
We work together with colleagues, partners and communities globally to deliver the products our customers need. We learn from each other to improve our performance and achieve success.

Respectfostering inclusion and embracing diversity
We recognise and respect diverse cultures, communities and points of view. We treat each other with fairness and dignity, to make the most of everyone's contributions.

Integrityhaving the courage and commitment to do the right thing
We have the courage and commitment to doing what is right, not what is easiest. We maintain our focus on ethics, transparency and building mutual trust.

Excellencebeing the best we can be for superior performance
We proactively challenge ourselves and others to create lasting value and high performance. We adopt a pioneer mindset and aim to do better every day.