Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities

Our Vision, Natural wealth to enduring value, knowledge, and skill,’ expresses what we aspire to as a company. We look to turn natural wealth into value for our shareholders and stakeholders, from improved profits and returns, through to the long-term economic and social contributions we make to Mongolia and its people. And along the way, we develop knowledge and skill that will grow and endure.

Our purpose sentiment, ‘to be a partner in our nation’s prosperity by creating a world-leading, safe and sustainable copper business together,’ is our long-term goal. We place safety as our top priority, as there is nothing more important to the company than every member of our workforce going home safely every day. As a global copper business, we need to be a globally competitive operation that brings value and contributes to the socio-economic development of Mongolia.

The success of our business is underpinned by doing things the right way. The way we work, our global code of business conduct, applies to everything we do, wherever we are in the world. Doing things, the right way means remaining focused on our values of Care, Courage, and Curiosity. Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a business. Our refreshed Strategic Plan, “Creating Progress Together,” will guide how we align our aspirations with the company's goals, success metrics, and objectives in the short, medium, and long term.

Our priorities are:



  • Ensuring a safe, healthy, inclusive, and diverse workplace and culture
  • Attracting, retaining and motivating people by creating a place where multiple generations are proud to work
  • Developing globally recognized highly skilled people



  • Nurturing and creating trusting relationship with our shareholders and stakeholders
  • Aligning with our stakeholders on mutually beneficial goals
  • Leveraging our business partners to accelerate the diversification and development of the Local and National economy
  • Partnering to promote sustainable development in the areas we operate



  • Finding ways to decarbonise our business as part of the planet’s decarbonisation journey
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity
  • Finding better ways to mitigate the impact of our operations on land, water and air quality
  • Partnering to support national water security
  • Developing the business to minimise the impacts of future closure



  • Creating a long-term, world-leading copper business
  • Delivering the best value case by optimising our strategic plan and investing in ore body knowledge
  • Being the best operator by being integrated, innovative and agile; leveraging technology and continuously learning
  • Improving the resiliency and stability of our supply chain, including power supply and delivering a premium product to a diverse customer base

Our values are:


We act with care by prioritising the physical and emotional safety and well-being of those around us. We respect others, build trusting relationships and consider the impact of our actions. We look for ways to contribute to a better future for our employees, communities and the planet.


We act with courage by showing integrity, speaking up when something is not right and taking decisive action when needed. We are not afraid to try new things. We respond positively in difficult situations and demonstrate commitment to achieving shared goals.


We act with curiosity by inviting diverse ideas and collaborating to achieve more together than can be done alone. We are continuously learning, creatively looking for better and safer ways of doing things. We draw inspiration from others and the world around us.