Oyu Tolgoi is one of the largest undeveloped copper reserves worldwide.

After being extracted from the open pit, the ore is treated by a series of complex processes in the Oyu Tolgoi concentrator to create a fine powder called copper concentrate.

01Open Pit

The open pit accesses the Southern Oyu deposit, one of three deposits discovered at Oyu Tolgoi. Around 560 people work ...
Open Pit


Mined ore contains only small concentrations of minerals. Each tonne from the open pit contains on average less than 5 ...

03From mine to market

After completing its journey through the concentrator, the concentrate is placed into two tonne bags, stamped with Product of Mongolia, ...
From mine to market

04Underground Development

Oyu Tolgoi consists of a series of deposits containing copper, gold, and silver. The deposits stretch over 12 kilometres, from ...
Underground Development

05Copper and the World

Copper is found in nearly everywhere in our daily lives. From the electricity that lights our homes, to the infrastructure ...
Copper and the World