Our dear Udval egch

Udval Lkhamsuren started working as a specialist in Capability Development team of Oyu Tolgoi in 2012, managing both international and domestic scholarships and graduate development programs. One of the most important contributors in making Oyu Tolgoi’s scholarship the most prestigious among Mongolian university students is undeniably our Udval egch, and we believe the success of our training programs attributes to her commitment.

Udval egch is someone who works closely with students from the very start of their admission process. Oyu Tolgoi’s international and domestic scholarship outreach, especially in Darkhan and Erdenet cities was initiated and implemented by Udval egch, as a result of which the students’ preparation for scholarship application has improved dramatically.
OT’s scholarship programs not only provide financial support to students, but it also allows them to participate in personal development programs, where students learn teamwork and communication skills. The personal development programs had been implemented successfully with Udval egch’s important contribution. In addition, the career guidance sessions for senior year students took the scholarship program to the next level, training them to improve their CVs and prepare for a job interview, resulting in better job placement opportunities after their graduation.
Until this day, 30 international, 260 domestic and 379 Govi scholarships were awarded, and there has been 346 interns, 114 graduates, and 944 youth development program participants in total, of which 96 became Oyu Tolgoi employees, a world-class copper mine.
We are always proud of our Udval egch, who put her soul to her work and dedicated her career to developing Mongolian talent that will make a great impact on lasting generations.
As Udval egch is retiring this February, we would like to express our gratitude for all you have done for Mongolian youth on behalf of hundreds of students and graduates. Thank you for leading them on an academic path for excellence and thank you for all the great opportunities for their capability development. Best of luck in your future endeavors from your Oyu Tolgoi family!