Melody of the Gobi

The southern Gobi Desert is a magnificent place. Herds of camel roam through rippling mirages, and the golden sands are home to unique natural formations, rare animals and plants, and stand as symbols of a spectacular history and cultural heritage.

Album Book

Located deep in the Gobi is Oyu Tolgoi, a rich gold and copper deposit that we have inherited from our ancestors. The Government of Mongolia and international investors constructed and commissioned the Oyu Tolgoi mine complex to realise the rich deposit, which is expected to play a significant role in the development of Mongolia. Since its inception, Oyu Tolgoi LLC has committed itself to protecting and supporting the Gobi region, its customs, environment, history and cultural heritage. Considerable efforts are underway to record, restore and research folklore, legend, music and fine art, as well as to support the development of contemporary classical art.

Melody of the Gobi includes Turquoise Gobi, a symphony ensemble composed by Mongolian State Merited Performer and People’s Artist N. Jantsannorov at the request of Oyu Tolgoi. The ensemble consists of seven parts: Great Morning, Khulan Dust, Mirage, Gobi Storm, From the Bottom of the Heart, Khanbogd Melody and New Era.

The album also includes Oyu Tolgoi, with lyrics by Ambassador G. Batsukh and music by Cultural Merited Artist L. Balkhjav.

We hope this harmonious ensemble will take you on a journey to the beautiful Gobi, and introduce you to the new era of development taking place there.