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Oyu Tolgoi announces its scholarship programmes

​Oyu Tolgoi LLC is committed to human development and education, organising a wide range of programmes and projects such as provision of school buildings and scholarships and joint designing of tertiary subject guides with universities. We provide educational opportunities for both high school students and tertiary students. Since 2011, over 2,600 students have enrolled in Oyu Tolgoi’s educational programmes and received various scholarship opportunities.
​The Southern Region Electricity Distribution Network (SREDN) and Oyu Tolgoi LLC signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) today, 3 September 2020. Minister for Energy Tavinbekh and Oyu Tolgoi LLC chief executive officer Armando Torres and other officials took part in the signing ceremony.
Press release

Oyu Tolgoi announces Q2 2020 performance results

Oyu Tolgoi released the latest edition of its Scorecard, highlighting key performance metrics for the second quarter of 2020, and provided an update on underground development, and its continued prevention measures on COVID-19.
​Road traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Mongolia. That’s why Oyu Tolgoi and the National Police Agency are extending its joint partnership for the second consecutive year to implement evidence-based interventions that have proven to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries, with a focus on rural intercity roads. This year, the campaign focuses on passengers, specifically on the role that passengers must play to re-inforce safe driving.
Press release

Oyu Tolgoi LLC releases its 2019 Year in Review

Oyu Tolgoi released its 2019 ‘Year in Review’ report today. The report covers key areas of the business which are safety, people, partnership, cash and growth.
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