Local Business and Economic Development

Since 2011, Oyu Tolgoi has been running the Goviin Shim programme, supporting local businesses and economy. The goal of the programme is to contribute to local economic development by supporting the growth and expansion of market-based, non-mining businesses.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide the information, training and consultation services needed for successful business support and improvement
  • To support the development of non-mining sectors, with a focus on production and sales in animal husbandry, farming and tourism
  • To support opportunities for the development of additional sources of household income for herder families

Examples of programme activities include:

  • Supporting the development of local businesses by providing training and consultation for local entrepreneurs, such as study tours, to learn from best practices in similar businesses
  • Providing opportunities to new businesses to strengthen local capacity and develop products and services. A special focus is given to the development of industries such as processing of animal materials including milk and dairy products, meat, felt, and camel wool.
  • Facilitating the establishment of contact with local, regional, and international suppliers and buyers to encourage growing business networks. This includes organising market days and trade fairs, where producers in isolated local communities can gain access to extended markets.