Internship programme

The purpose of the Oyu Tolgoi internship programme is to identify talent and develop relationships with students whilst they are completing their studies and provide students with opportunities to experience working at Oyu Tolgoi. The programme encourages students to consider Oyu Tolgoi as an employer of choice.

Programme overview:

  • Intent: Introduce the company’s safety culture, develop skills and work experience
  • Criteria: 2nd-4th year students, graduates for work experience
  • Length: 1-3 months (<6 months)
  • Compliance: Internship agreement and policy
  • Retention: No guarantee of employment at Oyu Tolgoi and other development programmes
  • Development plan: Specific, measurable and leader-led
  • Monitoring: Leader and intern feedback, performance review meetings
  • Metrics of success: Successful completion and progress of intern development plan, accomplishment of special tasks and project identified at the beginning of the internship.

The internship is advertised in May, August and December of each year.