Herders Livelihood Support Programme

In 2011, we launched this programme to protect and preserve traditional herding and nomadic lifestyles. The programme promotes economic activity which is independent of mining by identifying new sources of livelihood for local herders and residents. The programme aligns its activities with government policy and closely coordinates with local soum governors and local professional groups. We provide support to herder groups and cooperatives through advice, training, and financing support.

1. Qualitative participatory pastureland assessment
The participation and support of local herders is crucial for the best use of pastureland. Pastureland planning developed by herder groups is more effective than plans which are externally developed. By working in this way, the most appropriate plans for pastureland use and protection are introduced.

2. Watering points and pastureland water supplies
Increasing the number of watering points and improving pastureland water supply is one of the most important priorities for herders in the Gobi. Under this programme, we are improving local water supplies by working with local, professional organisations. Activities to increase the number of watering points and improve water supplies are initiated by the offices of the soum governors and local herders.

3. Management of animal husbandry and animal health
In recent years, the animal husbandry sector has been facing challenges caused by the deterioration of livestock, falling quality of raw materials from animals, and a reduction in the availability of veterinary services. We are working with professional organisations within the framework of two Government programmes which provide support to private veterinarians through improved training.

4. Animal husbandry cooperatives
Forming cooperatives is one of the most effective ways to help herders to increase their incomes and develop the animal husbandry sector. To support this, we organise training and information, advice, study tours, and funding to help herders to form cooperatives. The programme supports the creation of cooperatives focusing on the production of products from animal husbandry.