After completing its journey through the concentrator, the concentrate is placed into two tonne bags, stamped with Product of Mongolia, and loaded onto trucks. These trucks then depart in convoys to the Gashuun Sukhait border crossing, 80 kilometres to the south of Oyu Tolgoi. After arrival at the border warehouse, the concentrate is ready for collection by customers. After payments are collected, a royalty is paid to the Government of Mongolia. This royalty is calculated according to the amount of metals contained in the concentrate.

After being sold, Oyu Tolgoi concentrate goes to customer smelters where it is further refined into more pure metals. After this processing, the copper, gold, and silver are used to make many of the products that the world relies on today.

Oyu Tolgoi was awarded the Copper Mark, the copper industry’s new responsible production programme, in October 2020.To be awarded the Copper Mark, Oyu Tolgoi demonstrated that it met over 30 criteria for responsible environmental, social and governance operating practices, including the responsible sourcing of minerals.

The Copper Mark is the first and only programme for responsible production of the copper industry. Originally developed by the International Copper Association with inputs from a broad range of stakeholders including customers, NGOs and producers, the Copper Mark is now an independent entity with a multi-stakeholder council.

As part of this programme, Oyu Tolgoi has also made a series of commitments about the way it operates, how it contributes to Mongolia’s society and economy, and how it manages environmental impacts. These commitments are underpinned by a number of policies, procedures and an approach which recognises that Oyu Tolgoi has a role to play in supporting the long-term development of Mongolia and sustainable supply chains.

You can find out how Oyu Tolgoi’s metals are helping the world develop from the ‘copper and the world’ page.