In 2012, a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) was undertaken independently. The process involved consultations with local and regional authorities, local businesses, community organisations and local community members and representatives.

The study provides an evaluation of both the direct and indirect impacts of the Oyu Tolgoi operation and project on the society, economy and environment of Mongolia. It describes how we will minimise and manage our environmental and social impact, as well as maximising positive benefits over the lifetime of the mine. It also provides a process to ensure local communities are consulted in decisions we make throughout the life of the operation and project.

About the ESIA

  • The ESIA was written to meet Project Finance requirements and was released for public review in August 2012.
  • It meets international standards required by Project Finance lenders, as well as our own high standards for addressing environmental and social impacts.
  • The first publicly released, independent audit of ESIA compliance was published in 2013, showing compliance with 678 out of 742 total commitments (91 per cent).
  • A subsequent independent audit published in 2016 found compliance with 728 out of 742 commitments (98.1 per cent).
  • Oyu Tolgoi currently has no areas of non-compliance which have been identified as requiring immediate corrective action.

Visit the following links to see the Environmental Social Impact Assessment, Management plans and Audit reports