ESIA Management

ESIA Audit Reports

Oyu Tolgoi’s Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) includes a series of commitments that we have made in order to minimise and mitigate the project’s environmental and social impact, and to meet the strict requirements of our international lenders. The ESIA and associated plans are the most thorough environmental and social management plans for any project in Mongolia to date. Three times a year, the project lenders select independent experts to carry out an audit of our progress against the commitments in the ESIA. These audits are essential in helping us to meet all of our commitments. Non Conformance Table and Executive summary from the IESC audit report is available in English and Mongolian. For full IESC audit report please contact Please note that the full audit report is only available in English per request

Operational Management Plans

As Oyu Tolgoi transitioned from a construction and development project to an operating business, the standards that our performance is judged against have evolved and changed. In future, audits will compare our progress against 19 Operational management plans (OMPs), covering a number of areas including our workforce, the environment, and community issues. We publish these plans in full on Operation Management Plans page, allowing people to gain a clear understanding of our commitments.