Economic Development Specialist

Нээлтийн огноо: 2023-10-31
Хаалтын огноо: 2023-11-10 17:30

Oyu Tolgoi Catalyst Fund for Khanbogd Development


Job Title: Economic Development Specialist

The Oyu Tolgoi Catalyst Fund for Khanbogd Development (OTCF) was established to develop and catalyze investment in the Khanbogd Soum. Oyu Tolgoi LLC (OT) will contribute US$50 million over the next 5 years to implement elements of the Khanbogd Soum Center ‘Master Plan’, a comprehensive community development plan made in collaboration with Umnugobi government, Khanbogd Soum government, OT and Ministry of Construction and Urban Development (MCUD) of Mongolia.

The OTCF is a registered and independent non-profit legal entity. Its purpose is to support and facilitate the development of Khanbogd Soum center to evolve into a sustainable town with a safe and family-oriented atmosphere and improve the wellbeing and quality of life of the local community.

The opportunity

We are seeking a (1) Economic Development Specialist will play a crucial role in driving sustainable economic growth and development in the Khanbogd Soum. Primary responsibility will be to identify opportunities, implement strategies, and collaborate with various stakeholders to promote economically prosperous Khanbogd. This role will require to work closely with local communities, OT LLC, private sector government bodies, NGOs, and international partners to foster economic diversification, create employment opportunities, and enhance the overall economic well-being.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Economic Development Specialist is responsible for the following tasks, but not limited to:

  • Conduct comprehensive research and analysis, manage internal database of the Khanbogd Soum’s economic landscape, emphasizing sectors relevant to mining and other diversification options.
  • Collaborate with local authorities, community leaders, and relevant stakeholders to identify economic priorities, align development strategies, and set measurable goals for the region.
  • Cultivate strong relationships and strategic partnerships with local businesses, private sector, government agencies, community organizations, and international development organizations.
  • Organize and lead meetings, workshops, and forums to gather input and feedback from stakeholders, ensuring their active participation in economic development initiatives.
  • Coordinate with relevant agencies to attract domestic and foreign investments, support local entrepreneurship, and promote business development in the Khanbogd Soum.
  • Oversee the implementation of economic development projects, including infrastructure development, community development programs, vocational training initiatives, and other OTCF projects.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, and aligned with the fund’s commitments.
  • Identify potential risks and challenges and develop mitigation strategies to address them effectively.
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret economic data, market trends, and relevant indicators to inform decision-making and measure the impact of economic development efforts.
  • Prepare, presentations, letters, prospect proposals, briefings, detailed analytical documents, management reports and project status report for key stakeholders, providing updates on the region's economic progress, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Stay up to date with regional, national, and international economic policies, regulations, and best practices.


  • Undergraduate or equivalent or higher education obtained through degrees or diplomas from academic college or universities.
  • Social Science, Economics, Business analysis or relevant discipline.
  • At least 7 years relevant experience, or otherwise the significant practical experience and on the job training

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Proven work experience as an Business analyst or similar roles
  • Strong interpersonal skills and relationship-building approach
  • Knowledge of local community issues and needs
  • Knowledge of economic development, research and analysis practices and methods
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to work with all levels of management and staff.
  • Good computer skills including proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office suite.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills both in English and Mongolian

All interested candidates should submit the following documents

Please Send your documents to email.

Please attach the following documents:

  • CV (in English and Mongolian)
  • Cover Letter (in English and Mongolian)

Тодруулах зүйл байвал доорх хаягаар холбогдоно уу:

Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар 14240
Чингисийн өргөн чөлөө-15, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг
Моннис Цамхаг, 1 давхар

Утас: +(976) - 7010-3604

Бүх боломжит ажил горилогчид эмнэлгийн үзлэгт хамрагдана.
Зөвхөн сонгогдсон хүмүүстэй холбоо барьж дараагийн шалгаруулалтад оруулна.

Амжилттай шалгарсан өргөдөл гаргагч нарын сонгон шалгаруулалтын явцад өгсөн мэдээллийг Хүний нөөцийн бусад багууд болох Сургалтын болон Хүний нөөцийн үйлчилгээний багууд шаардлагын дагуу хэрэглэж болохыг анхаарна уу.

“Оюу толгой”-н уурхайд ажиллаж буй "Оюу mолгой" ХХК-н ажилчид болон гэрээт компаниудын ажилчид "Оюу mолгой" ХХК-д ажилд орох өргөдөл гаргахаас өмнө энэ тухайгаа өөрийн холбогдох удирдлага болон ажил олгогчдоо мэдэгдэж байхыг санал болгож байна.

"Оюу толгой" ХХК нь ажилд орох хүсэлт гаргасан иргэн бүрт адил, тэгш боломж олгон, ажилтан сонгон шалгаруулах үйл ажиллагааг шударга, ил тод явуулдаг бөгөөд ажилтан сонгон шалгаруулах эцсийн шийдвэрийг шалгаруулалтын комисс ямар нэгэн зуучлагч хувь хүний оролцоогүйгээр гаргадаг болно.