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Copper and the World

Copper is found in nearly everywhere in our daily lives. From the electricity that lights our homes, to the infrastructure that builds our cities, to the technology that connects our world, copper is an essential element in making modern life work.

You can find out more information about the role of copper in the modern world from the International Copper Association.


Copper ore from Oyu Tolgoi mine is crushed and fed into the concentrator.


The concentrator’s giant machines and processes create “Copper Concentrate” containing 25-30% copper and small amounts of gold, silver and molybdenum.


Independent testing of the concentrate ensures it is of good quality, and the Government knows exactly how much of each metal will be sold.


Paperwork is signed to sell the concentrate to customers at international prices.


The concentrate is driven to Oyu Tolgoi’s border warehouse and shipped to customers after payments are received.


Royalties are paid to the Government.


Smelters and refineries turn the concentrate into almost pure metals.


The metals are used in construction and to make electronics and other products used around the world.