Social Responsibility

Oyu Tolgoi is committed to strengthening our relationships with communities where we operate, building mutual respect, active partnerships and long-term sustainable developments with our neighbours.

Preventing and mitigating potential risks and negative impacts of our operations on the environment and local communities are essential components of our commitment to social responsibility. We undertake local initiatives and community participation projects, programs and partnerships to support local development.

We adhere to a management system to drive our corporate social responsibility and embed it in our day-to-day operations. These policies and standards are based on Mongolian laws and regulations and Rio Tinto's own industry-leading corporate standards. Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s policies and standards prioritise the principles of sustainable development:

  • realisation of environmental commitments and demonstrating leadership,
  • contributing to social development,
  • supporting and strengthening local businesses and economic development, and
  • strong corporate governance and compliance with our code of corporate conduct and all legal regulations.

View Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s policies and procedures on Health, Safety, Environment and Communities here,