Art of welding

My name is Narantsetseg. After I completed my eighth grade, I continued my studies at Darkhan Vocational Education and Training Center to become a welder. I started my career at Shariin Gol Mine and continued to work at Boroo Gold Mine for some time. From 2011, I started working at Oyu Tolgoi Open Pit mine. I have been working as a welder for more than 20 years now.

I consider myself lucky to be working side by side with such wonderful people for this globally competitive copper mine. Accommodation and amenities at the mine site is very pleasant and comfortable, thus I do not feel tired at all. Also, there are two more female welders in our team, Saran and Bulgansaikhan. We are proud to be working on day and night shifts and contributing to the development of our country.

I was never dissatisfied with being a welder. Some people undervalue my profession as a manual labor. But, it is an occupation with a high level of responsibility to the point where the open pit mining operations could stop without us, welders. I believe that each line of work is meaningful and valuable, regardless of what we do. Everyone’s role is essential in this largest development project of this century for Mongolia. Therefore, I always have respect for everyone’s profession.

I also believe that even metals have beauty because as soon as I hear about a broken excavator bucket, I start worrying about its breakage and the severity of the damage to the metal. Our colleagues repair and fix parts that are damaged unrecognizably and turn them into parts that are just as new as their newly manufactured counterparts are. Moreover, we always prioritise and comply with safety rules in any circumstances. I am really grateful that I am always learning new things from my colleagues and foreign experts.