A woman miner with an aspiration of becoming Oyu Tolgoi’s “First Woman Blaster”

A woman miner with an aspiration of becoming Oyu Tolgoi’s “First Woman Blaster” Sh. Davaasuren has a bachelor degree in engineering and is one of the 2,500 female miners who is contributing to the development of Oyu Tolgoi. Davaasuren first joined “Redpath”, a contractor company of Oyu Tolgoi in 2011 and became an Oyu Tolgoi employee in 2017 as a Mass Excavation Mining Engineer. Not long after joining OT, she participated in “Blast Handler” training with the suggestion of her supervisor and became the first woman miner of Oyu Tolgoi to acquire a certificate on “Blast Handling”.

After joining OT, she proudly mentioned that one of the greatest habits she picked was safety - which was implemented not only at her workplace but at her home and everywhere else she went. She credited her achievements and success to her supervisor and colleagues and constantly learning from the diverse experience of fellow teammates as well as their support, reinforcement, and advice on each individual’s urge to develop and challenge themselves further. Depending on the mining engineer’s precise planning comes the underground development process; therefore, it is a highly responsible job as slightest miscalculation can lead to wrong excavation. Sh. Davaasuren doesn’t want to stop at just receiving “Blast Handler License”. She has a big ambition to also obtain “Blaster Permit” and has an aim to achieve this mission of hers by 2019 and become Oyu Tolgoi’s first woman miner with “Blaster Permit”.