A day in my life - Bat-Ochir Batjargal, Dispatcher

We are introducing Bat-Ochir Batjargal, a dispatcher at Oyu Tolgoi’s Conveyor to Surface Boxcut and Decline Development Project. Bat-Ochir joined the project a year ago, after completing his undergraduate degree. As an engineering student majoring in mining, he was one of the recipients of the prestigious Oyu Tolgoi scholarship.

• How do you start your morning?

Like many others at OT site, I wake up at 5am and get ready for work. I take my time eating breakfast in the morning because I believe it is essential to commence a productive day.
The first thing I do after arriving at work is checking the mine cycle board to ensure if safety is maintained during the previous shift. We also learn what tasks are planned for the day on the board. Following this process, the previous dispatcher hands over his/her shift to me.
Thiess Khishig Arvin Joint Venture team is completing the construction of the Conveyor to Surface Boxcut and Decline at Oyu Tolgoi. Every information related to the project is transmitted through a dispatcher – in case of a shutdown or technical failure, a notice should be sent to relevant staff in a timely fashion. I always give my best to better digest the mine cycle plan and its flow to assist the mining master in developing efficient plan.
I feel proud of myself when I'm on the bus at the end of the day, feeling that I'm an actually part of the team, doing something that truly motivates me.

• How do you spend your leisure time at the mine site?
There is plenty to do in Oyu Tolgoi camp after work. We have sports hall, table tennis hall, cinema, aerobic hall, soccer field, library, billiard rooms, pub, and computer gaming area etc. For me, I seek to be committed to a single activity that suits me so I normally don’t visit all places mentioned above. At this moment, I’m focusing on improving my English and will soon actively partake in music club’s activities to help people brand new to guitar.

• If you compare your present self with the time when you just joined OT, how have you improved in terms of professional and personal development?
This is my first job, so I would like to share my memories during university years. I first got involved with Oyu Tolgoi project when I was selected for its scholarship. The team that manages and coordinates Oyu Tolgoi scholarships took good care of the scholarship recipients and helped us to develop our soft skills through the “Youth Development Program”. This scholarship package included not only financial support, but also development program which changed my old perception that scholarships are only given to those who have good connections. It was amazing to witness how the skills I obtained from the “Youth Development Program” have literally helped me when I’ve entered the workforce. In other words, I’ve noticed I have grown a positive self when I compare myself with the past when I was just about to start. Working with people who are capable and caring is helping me grow just like an old Mongolian saying “Even brass turns yellow when it is exposed to gold.”
• Any suggestions or motivational words for students pursuing your major?
I have not attained such wisdom to give advice to someone but I would like to say that don’t be apprehensive about what you can do, if you really are adamant about what you are striving for. Just go for it. Hard work always pays off if you truly commit yourself to translating any challenge to opportunity.