Policies, Terms and Conditions

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Oyu Tolgoi Procurement policies

Our suppliers are asked to agree to our terms and conditions, including specific policies and procedures whenever they do business with us. We expect our suppliers to review the documents below and adhere to these in addition to their contract with Oyu Tolgoi.

Public announcements by suppliers

In accordance with our standard contractual provisions, Oyu Tolgoi suppliers or potential suppliers are not permitted to use Oyu Tolgoi’s name or logo or to make any public announcements or disclosures in relation to their dealings with Oyu Tolgoi without the company's prior written consent. Should approval be given for a public announcement or media release, the wording and manner of publication must also be approved in writing by Oyu Tolgoi. If you are an existing supplier seeking to reference Oyu Tolgoi in a public announcement, please contact us.