How we buy

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How we buy

Oyu Tolgoi Procurement follow strict policies and procedures that govern the way we operate and engage with our supplier partners.

Our Procurement policies and procedures are applied in practice, through comprehensive Procurement Processes. These processes provide clear guidelines to our employees on the roles and accountabilities of each of the parties involved in every aspect of the competitive tender process. The processes also apply to our subsequent Purchase Order through to Payment procedures.

Transparent and consistent

Through the consistent application of these processes and the adoption of standardised templates and commercial and legal terms, Oyu Tolgoi Procurement is confident that its processes are transparent and applied without exception.

Oyu Tolgoi Procurement’s activities are subject to third party audit. In addition to being held accountable, we continually strive to align our activities and performance with those of leading global resource sector procurement functions.

A closer look at our processes - the procurement process

Our procurement process is a detailed map of how we buy. It has numerous process steps, decision points and touch points back to the bidder or supplier. It shows our different approaches for the sourcing of goods and/or services of different values including the purchase order to payment process.

It is an example of the comprehensive processes Oyu Tolgoi adheres to and part of our commitment to being transparent and commitment in all our dealings with our supplier.