Oyu Tolgoi funded projects

Oyu Tolgoi funded projects

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Brief on the Oyu Tolgoi funded projects

Oyu Tolgoi and Rio Tinto are committed to contributing to the socio-economic development of Mongolia. For this purpose we collaborate with a range of stakeholders such as government and non-government organisation (NGOs), civil society and research institutions.

We aim to support projects that align with the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in Mongolia.

Our partnerships and sponsorships

Projects funded in 2013

In 2013 Oyu Tolgoi LLC focused its social investment strategy on three main areas of social and economic development: the environment, economic development and education. The company aims to support efficient, innovative, and wide-ranging projects, programmes and initiatives to contribute in addressing to pressing socio-economic and environmental issues. The following projects were supported in 2013.

  • Planting 100,000 trees at the source of Tuul River

    The Tuul River is the primary source of drinking water for the capital city, where half of the Mongolian population lives today. In order to increase the flow of the Tuul River, and the primary water source of the population, Oyu Tolgoi is supporting a project to re-forest  a total of 2,400 hectares of land at the source of the river. Please find more information here.


  • Improving public awareness of Ulaanbaatar’s air quality

    In recent years, air pollution in Ulaanbaatar has become one of the country’s most pressing environmental and health problems. This project measures the rate of air particles with a high pollution rate using  modern equipment. The information is then shared via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to improve public awareness of air pollution. The project is run by the School of Information Technology at the Mongolian National University and is sponsored by Oyu Tolgoi. Please find more information here.

  • Establishing a South Gobi biodiversity photo and video bank

    Environmental protection is one of the priority areas of Oyu Tolgoi’s Sustainable development principles and the company works to avoid, minimize and reduce any negative impact of mining operations on the environment. In line with this, to support the protection of the environment and promote education and green governance, Oyu Tolgoi provided a funding to establish the first highly professional photo and video bank to record and demonstrate Mongolia’s natural beauty and rare wildlife. Please find more information here.

  • Improvement of the environment for children’s living and study

    Oyu Tolgoi regularly extends its hand of support to vulnerable and needy groups that require care and help through its social investment projects. Oyu Tolgoi is commited to supporting children who are the happy future of our country. In 2013,  as part of the company’s social investment programme, the Company sponsored the project to contribute to the improvement of the living and study environment of the children  studying at the 'Unur Bul' Child and Family Development Centre and the 'Amgalan Complex' Secondary School in Bayanzurkh district. Please find more information here.

  • Supporting  public awareness and legal regulation of intellectual property

    The need for the protection and appropriate use of intellectual property in Mongolia and the need for greater public awareness of the issue is increasing. To help the resolution of these issues, Oyu Tolgoi provided support to a project called “Empowering the Creative Cluster of Mongolia.”  An intellectual property seminar took place which was designed to increase the awareness of intellectual property issues among Mongolian artists and arts enterpreneurs and to help improve legal regulation through the active cooperation of those involved. Please find more information here.

  • Ganjuur and Danjuur Sutras in the South Gobi

    Oyu Tolgoi is not only conducting mining operations in the South Gobi but also implementing significant programmes in the local community. One area of priority is to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of the South Gobi region. As part of this, the company supported a project implemented by the Kalachakra Culture Center, NGO to transcribe Ganjuur and Danjuur into modern Mongolian. Please find more information here.

  • Improving streets in the capital city

    In April 2013, on the initiative of the Ulaanbaatar Municipal office, Oyu Tolgoi signed a Memorandum of understanding entitled “Partnership for Development” to address the urgent need for private sector  social investment in the capital city. In line with the agreement, Oyu Tolgoi provided funding to renovate Student Street’s 3,000 square metres, stretching from the Mongolian State University of Education junction to the Central Sports Palace west junction. Please find more information here.

Projects funded in 2012

Oyu Tolgoi LLC aims to contribute to projects that aim to protect environment, support education and increase economic benefits in Mongolia. Our Internal Review Committee selected the following projects for funding. Selections were made in line with our criteria and the available funding.

We are pleased to support the following NGOs and their projects. The total funding allocated for these projects is 96,718,000 MNT.

  • Child protection center

    Child protection center accommodates 56 children. The center provides social, psychological, educational and health services. The center endeavors to involve the children in various types of cultural and sport trainings to contribute to their upbringing and disciplines. Main mission of the center is to rehabilitate children back to their families as a result of these efforts. Oyu Tolgoi LLC sponsored the ‘I have a dream’ performance tour project by this center. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • JCI Capital

    JCI Capital is a non-governmental organisation of young businessmen and entrepreneurs who aim to create positive change and development opportunity for vulnerable members of society. JCI will implement 'They can do it' project to establish a computer room in special school 29 for children with disabilities. There are 100 boys living in dormitory of special school 29 and this project will help them to learn and acquire skills to use computer and internet. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • Verbist Care Center

    Verbist Care Center is a non-profit organisation which operates 24 hour care shelter for 49 street and homeless orphans. The care center aims to provide a caring home where children are given the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy environment with access to education, health care and social service. The project will repair the roof and window of its building to contribute to comfortable, warm and healthy living condition for children. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • Mongolian Women's Fund

    Mongolian Women’s Fund is a non-profit organisation working for empowerment and the well-being of Mongolian women by reducing gender based discrimination, by increasing women participation in decision making and by building their capacity. The NGO will partner with other six NGOs such as Human Rights Development Centre, Gerel-Tushig Center for supporting development of family and children, Women Leaders Foundation, Princess centre for protection of girls and young women’s rights, Liberal Women’s Brain Pool to implement public awareness raising and campaign project to protect girls and women from sexual violence among 6,000 students, 3,000 parents, 600 teachers and social workers, and 100 computer game centers and the general public.

Projects funded for the fourth quarter of 2011

Between September and December 2011, Oyu Tolgoi received 64 applications for funding. From these applications, our Internal Review Committee selected the following five projects for funding. Selections were made in line with our criteria and the available funding. These projects were recognised for their contribution to the MDGs of ensuring environmental sustainability and strengthen human rights.

The total funding allocated for these projects in 2012 is 112,715,000 MNT.

  • Uvdis NGO

    Uvdis NGO provides psychological training, counselling and therapy to people with disabilities, many of whom live in isolated conditions. Uvdis assists them to participate in social and community life, thereby, supporting their physical and emotional wellbeing. The NGO plans to train 560 people with disabilities from Mongolia’s capital of Ulaanbaatar, working together with the local Social Welfare Agency in the respective districts. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • Women Development Centre NGO

    Women Development Centre NGO in the Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar plans to train 60 families to plant trees. These families are made up of 249 people from the 13th and 14th streets of the 28th khoroo of Khujirbulan, Bayanzurkh district. Between them they will plant 600 trees, contributin to the reduction of air pollution and ultimately set up a small local income producing nursery. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • The Youth Club NGO

    The Youth Club NGO focuses on wildlife protection and building environmental awareness. They plan to educate 210 secondary school students in 2012 on the importance of environmental protection in their daily lives.

  • Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users

    The Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users is a non-government organisation working to creating wheelchair enabled environments so that wheelchair users can participate in social life. The Association plans to implement a ’We can do together’ project for 10 women with disabilities. The project includes training, counselling and social work. Read more on this sponsorship.

  • Alyandara Women's Development Centre

    The Alyandara Women’s Development Centre will mobilise and train targeted 1,108 local residents to build a footpath and plant trees to reduce dust, pollution and help prevent infectious diseases on the 10th, 11th and 12th streets of the 8th khoroo, Songino Khairkhan district. Read more on this sponsorship.

Once each of these projects is underway Oyu Tolgoi and these NGOs will share their updates on their progress.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Oyu Tolgoi's Social Investment team.