Environmental Social Impact Assessment

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Environmental Social Impact Assessment

Introduction and background

Baseline Assessment

Biophysical Environment

Human Environment

Impact Assessment

Biophysical Environment

Human Environment

Non-Technical Summary

Operation Management Plans

Environmental and Social Action Plan - September 2013 (released 8 October 2013)

Environmental and Social Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Atmospheric Emissions Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Biodiversity Management Plan (released 14 October 2013)

Community Health, Safety and Security Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Contractor Management Framework (released 26 September 2013)

Cultural Heritage Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Hazardous Materials Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Influx Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Labour Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Land Use Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Mine Closure Plan (released 27 September 2013)

Mineral Waste Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Noise and Vibration Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Non-Mineral Waste Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Resettlement Action Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Transport Management Plan (released 26 September 2013)

Water Resources Management Plan (released 27 September 2013)

ESIA Audit Report

Oyu Tolgoi’s Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) includes a series of commitments that OT has made in order to minimize and mitigate the project’s environmental and social impact and to meet the strict requirements of international lenders.

The ESIA and associated plans are the most thorough environmental and social management plans for any project in Mongolia to date and require the most rigorous and transparent environmental and social auditing regime ever undertaken in Mongolia.

Three times a year, the Project Lenders select independent experts to carry out an audit of OT’s progress against the 742 commitments in the ESIA.

These audits are essential in making progress towards full compliance.

In September 2013, OT’s first public audit was published. The publication of this report provides an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in Mongolia’s mining industry.


More Information

What is the purpose of this audit?
The purpose of the audit is to demonstrate to international lenders OT’s progress against the commitments it has made in the ESIA. It also helps OT to make improvements to our processes where needed. Our performance is then described in an audit report. The publication of regular reports like this shows how OT is leading the way on transparency and accountability.

Who commissioned the audit and report?
The audit is a requirement of OT’s international lenders, and they are responsible for selecting the auditor. The auditors are then required to prepare a report with their findings and submit it to the lenders and OT.

Is this audit independent?
Yes. This process is carried out independently of OT, by an independent auditor, selected by the Project lenders.

Who decided on the commitments in the ESIA?
The commitments in the ESIA were agreed between the Project lenders and OT.

You say you’ll carry these out regularly. Will it be the same auditor and process?
The Project Lenders selected ERM as the auditor through the April 2013 audit. We will continue to follow the process of making the audit reports available on our website so that people can view our progress.

Why are you changing the way you are monitoring your commitments, with the Management plans? /How will the Management Plans work?
The April 2013 audit measured Oyu Tolgoi’s performance against commitments set out in the construction management plans. Because Oyu Tolgoi has transitioned to the operation phase of its lifecycle, we are required to operate under the commitments, standards, and procedures set forth in the operational management plans and related documents which are now available to the public. In future audits, Oyu Tolgoi’s performance will be measured and assessed against the commitments within the operational management plans.