What is an Environmental Management System and what will the elements of Oyu Tolgoi’s EMS be?

What is an Environmental Management System and what will the elements of Oyu Tolgoi’s EMS be?

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Our Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a structured method to identify, assess and control environmental risks. The system is designed along the principles of Plan, Do, Check and Review continual improvement cycle:

  • Plan

Within the frame of EMS implementation, we reviewed our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, identified legal requirements and developed a compliance procedure to meet ISO 14001 and Rio Tinto requirements. In addition, we identified and ranked environmental risks and are establishing controls to mitigate risks created from our operations. Lastly, we set tangible objectives and targets for each year for the purpose of controlling identified risks.

  • Do

Organisational resources, roles and accountabilities must be well defined. It is critical that company's management provides appropriate resources (such as human, technological and financial) for achieving the environmental objectives and targets. Furthermore, measures are taken to integrate contractor's and supplier's environmental management systems with our EMS.

Effective document control requires that a written procedure with details about controls on document approval, storage, disposal, identification of origin, or inadvertent use. The external and internal communication process (such as receiving and disclosing information) is reflected in a written procedure. Lastly, our emergency preparedness and response procedure describes actions to be taken during emergency and unplanned conditions.

  • Check

Procedure on nonconformances, corrective and preventive actions is developed and implemented to achieve objectives, targets and continual improvement. Internal audit is conducted to assess EMS conformance with plans and requirements. Audit findings are reported to our management team.

  • Review

We will organise annual EMS management reviews to identify EMS improvement opportunities and manage changes. After this review, EMS undergoes another stage of planning. This provides favourable condition for continual improvement of organisation's environmental performance.