We aim to create an injury
and illness free workplace


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Our safety vision is: "Together we will create an injury and illness free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy each day of their working life".

We are progressing on our journey toward a zero harm culture where all employees and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.

However, safety is not about numbers - it's about people. The policies, standards, programmes and targets we set are important. Whilst they will move our performance forward, they will not deliver our safety vision without the support of our people.

By implementing robust programmes and processes we strive towards a workplace and culture that focus on health and safety as their top priorities.

Leadership is central to our safety strategy and encourages employees and contractors to participate in all aspects of safety management. Our leaders have a responsibility to create and promote a safe workplace by demonstrating visible safety leadership.

All Oyu Tolgoi employees are encouraged to become safety leaders within their own teams, speaking up about any safety concerns and taking personal responsibility for their own safety and the well being of their co-workers.

A key component of our health and safety strategy is that each employee receives the training, skills and knowledge in order to perform their job safely. Oyu Tolgoi provides employees, contractors, and visitors with orientation, refresher courses, and numerous other programs that reinforce our safety culture.

Our employees are actively involved in all areas of safety management

Employees who feel that they are valued and have a worthwhile contribution to make are much more likely to participate in the programmes being run. Those using the safety processes and procedures are better placed to suggest improvements than anyone else, and we actively encourage employee and contractor participation in all aspects of safety management.

Employees see and manage the risks in the workplace

Safety risk management is a core element of our safety strategy. We are establishing systems to define a framework for risk evaluation that enables assessments to match the context, nature and scale of the risks being evaluated.

At the foundation of our safety strategy are well designed systems which provide the roadmap to a zero harm workplace and incorporate an understanding of the beliefs, experiences and attitudes of our people.

To prevent incidents we aim to remove or mitigate potential safety risks and hazards through our safety standards, processes and procedures. Employee training, management review and monitoring of these ensure that they continue to be effective.

World class systems that drive us to a zero harm culture

We are establishing management systems, based on international standards, to provide a comprehensive framework and approach to achieving our goal of zero harm.

Contractors at Oyu Tolgoi are treated the same as our own employees and must meet the same high safety standards.

Our contractor and suppliers’ safety records are an important consideration during our selection process. Potential suppliers’ health, safety and environmental standards and policies are examined throughout our pre-qualification process. Learn more about this in our Suppliers section. Oyu Tolgoi continues to monitor contractor and supplier safety performance throughout the life of any given contract.