The health and wellbeing
of our employees is as
important as their safety


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Promoting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of our employees is as vital as protecting their safety. Investing in the health of our workers is essential to ongoing business success.

Our approach to health management is not limited to the Oyu Tolgoi workplace. We recognise the importance of establishing community health programmes and fostering a culture that means employees transfer their knowledge to their home environment.

Managing occupational health risk

We comply with the Rio Tinto Group wide occupational health standards to improve identification and management of health risks. These performance standards being integrated with our Health and Safety systems to ensure consistent application across our operations.

Managing occupational illness

We take steps to minimise the occurrence of illnesses that may develop as a result of conditions and exposures in our workplaces. Due to the nature of our business, we are particularly vigilant of illnesses caused by exposure to excessive dust, fume, noise, manual handling and vibration.

Caring for the health of our local communities

The increase in population and employee numbers in the South Gobi region will affect access to and the range of health care services required. As a part of our commitment to supporting our local communities we have implemented programmes such as our Community Health Safety and Security Programme. Learn more about our approach to community health in our Communities section.

By implementing robust programmes and processes we strive towards a workplace and culture that focus on health and safety as their top priorities.