Respect for the environment
is integral to our approach

Environmental Impact Assessment

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Environmental Studies and Reports

Since 2002, various socio-economic and environmental impact assessment studies have been conducted in and around the Oyu Tolgoi site to assess potential impacts of our operations and determine how Oyu Tolgoi will minimise and manage its environmental and social impacts, as well as maximise the postive benefits of the project. (Copies of these assessments are available under the Reports section.) Our ultimate goal is to ensure the appropraite rehabilitation of the surrounding environment following the safe closure of the mine.

We work in partnership with the Government of Mongolia, provincial and district administrations, NGO’s local communities and others to ensure we act on our commitments.

Environmental Protection Plan

In accordance with Mongolia’s Minerals Law, we submit an annual Environmental Protection Plan and Monitoring Programme (EPP and EMP) to the Ministry for Nature and Environment and the local government bodies. This forms a part of the audit programme for the Aimag’s (district) Environmental Protection Agency.

For more details, please visit the ESIA page.