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Community engagement

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Community engagement

Oyu Tolgoi is committed to establishing and maintaining enduring relationships with local communities, ensuring that they derive the maximum benefit from our operations. We engage members of our surrounding communities through:

  • formal consultations and meetings with the local authorities, NGO’s and residents
  • public consultations on specific topics
  • community initiated projects such as pasture management, business development and water monitoring
  • household visits
  • surveys and assessments to support our community programmes.

Joint working groups

Joint working groups are formed with members of the community, local government representatives and other key stakeholders. These groups are an efficient mechanism for community engagement. Oyu Tolgoi is currently engaged in Joint Working Groups on: developing and signing the Community Agreement; water issues; livelihood support for mine-affected households; and conducting participatory monitoring of construction activities.

Given the strategic importance of Oyu Tolgoi to the Mongolian economy, there is a strong business rationale for promoting strategic community development, building trust and facilitating solutions to local concerns. 

Local advisory groups

Local Advisory Groups have been formed in Khanbogd, Dalanzadgad, Manlai and Bayan-Ovoo soums. These multi-stakeholder groups provide a strong platform for local community engagement through open discussions and the timely sharing of information.

As a part of this community engagement, an annual Information Open Day is held in each of the four surrounding communities, offering up to date information about Oyu Tolgoi’s development, employment opportunities, local economic  development, environmental initiatives and contractor performance. This forum provides a valuable two-way communication and consultation opportunity for Oyu Tolgoi and its local communities.