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Community relations

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Community relations

Our community relations deliver partnerships and programmes that demonstrate sustainable outcomes that reach the communities of the South Gobi region and Mongolian people nationally. These partnerships aim to align the development plans of the Mongolian government with our own business goals,contribute to the local economic and community development, and enjoy broad-based community support.

We work closely with the local communities throughout the implementation of our Land and cultural resource programmes and Local and regional development programmes, ensuring these continue to reflect their needs and respect local laws, customs and culture.

Our community relation’s objectives are to:

  • Earn and maintain our license to operate.
  • Build and maintain enduring relationships with communities, government and civil society based on trust, openness and the joint pursuit of mutual interests.
  • Engage individuals and groups to mobilise community resources and pursue local development opportunities based on effective partnership, all the while considering gender, socio-economic, geographic and cultural factors.
  • Ensure alignment across the company to establish objectives and plans that support our community relation’s goals, and achieve performance-based, measurable results.
  • Manage and control the socio-economic impacts of our operations.