We aim to contribute to the wellbeing
and prosperity of local residents


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We are committed to sustainable development through achieving a balance between environmental, social and economic needs. We understand that we are guests of the local community and must adopt a socially responsible approach to these communities, now and for generations to come.

We endeavour to minimise any negative impact of our operations, whilst contributing to the wellbeing and prosperity of local residents. We seek to actively engage the local community, local authorities and other community representatives, understand and address their concerns, thereby improving the economy and livelihoods of our communities. These benefits should be enjoyed by future generations long after Oyu Tolgoi closes.

Socio-economic development

We conducted a comprehensive Socio-economic Baseline Study and Impact Assessment to identify potential risks and opportunities to our affected communities in the South Gobi, the region surrounding the Oyu Tolgoi site.The results have enabled us to design and deliver socio-economic programmes that reflect the priorities of our local communities.

We aim to strengthen and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our programmes through co-operation with the Government of Mongolia, aimag (provincial) and soum (district) administrations, NGOs, external organisations and local residents. We are committed to maintaining open channels of communication, consultation and collaboration with all these stakeholders.

Our approach to sustainable development of communities is not limited to our community based programmes. We are committed to the environment in which we operate, the health and safety of our employees and contractors, providing employment opportunities to Mongolians locally and nationally, investing in training, scholarships and skill-building programmes and expanding economic opportunities through supporting local businesses.