The way we work

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The way we work

The way we work, our code of business conduct, supported by our global policies, standards and guidance notes, in conjunction with the requirements of local law and our voluntary commitments, forms the basis of our governance systems.

Our values are expressed through the principles and standards of conduct set out in The way we work. They define how we manage the challenges of developing and managing Oyu Tolgoi. They are vital in laying down our commitment to contribute to sustainable development.

The way we work reflects our strong commitment to undertaking our business with integrity and requires us to stick to rigorous standards of corporate governance and contribute to sustainable development.

Our focus on sustainable development, economic prosperity, social wellbeing, environmental stewardship, strong governance and integrity systems provides the framework in which our business operates. Delivering on our sustainable development commitment means making sustainable development considerations an integral part of our business plans and decision making processes.

Actions speak louder than words. It is mandatory upon all Oyu Tolgoi people to know and understand The way we work and our integrity and compliance standards, and to apply them every day.

The way we work will be our conscience. Conducting ourselves in the right way will lead to Oyu Tolgoi being successful something that we can all be proud of and something that will be visible to everyone in Mongolia and across the world.